Top FAILs of the day (15 Pictures)

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That Third Arm Just Couldn’t Help Itself

fail pictures

The Sanctity of the Bro Fist Has Been Tainted!

fail pictures

Remember, Extrapolation is Dangerous

fail pictures

Mascots Take The Games Personally

fail pictures

Zippity Boo Bat Bippidy Bee Bop Cosby Sweater QWOP

fail pictures

One-Stop Shopping FAIL

fail pictures

Counteth to Three. No More, No Less.

Learn From My Fail

Anno Dumbini

funny facebook fails - Anno Dumbini

And Your Gene Pool’s Too Small

And Your Gene Pool's Too Small

I Find My Lack of Dates Disturbing

dating fails - I Find My Lack of Dates Disturbing

Like They Would be Familiar With Her Work…

crazy parenting fails - Public Parenting News: Well Her Scripts Are Written On The Same Level

Better Than a Text, I Guess

dating fails - Better Than a Text, I Guess

Can I Just Have the First Two Things?

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Take the Top Off

WIN: A Joan of Arc-inspired Carboard Armor Miracle!

epic win photos - Cardboard Armor WIN

Stay Classy, Montana FAIL


ATM Placement FAIL

epic fail  - ATM Placement FAIL

Here’s One For Everyone Watching At Home