Top FAILs of the day (16 Pictures)

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Or Just Build a Bridge For Them

fail pictures

Trying To Keep An Ergonomic Posture Is Tough

fail pictures

Properties of Ice FAIL

fail pictures

Passive Aggressive Infant Clothes Are Really Mature

fail pictures

Legit Tax Service FAIL

epic fail photos - Legit Tax Service FAIL

Blackberry Network FAIL

autocowrecks - every planet

Age Appropriate FAIL

epic fail photos - Age appropriate FAIL

And That’s Why You Always Print Your Note

epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: And That's Why You Always Print Your Note

Kids Toothbrush Placement FAIL

epic fail photos - Kids Toothbrush Placement FAIL

Everything About This FAIL

Toaster Hack or Lunch FAIL?

white trash repairs - Without Cleaning Toaster First, Get Broken Toaster

It’s No Fun Unless They’re Quick

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: It's No Fun Unless They're Quick

Caught In The Act FAIL

epic fail photos - Caught In The Act FAIL

Abbreviation FAIL

epic fail photos - Abbreviation FAIL

Choo$ing a Logo FAIL

epic fail photos - Choo$ing a Logo FAIL

Bike Lane FAIL

epic fail photos - Bike Lane FAIL

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