Top FAILs of the day (17 Pictures)

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Reading It Out Loud First FAIL

fail pictures

What a Quack

epic fail photos - Probably Classic News: What a Quack

WIN: I Hope This Adds a +2 to His Defense

epic fail photos - WIN: I Hope This Adds a +2 to His Defense

Chocolate Dipped FAIL

epic fail photos - Chocolate Dipped FAIL

Nightlight Color FAIL

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: Nightlight Color FAIL

Well, This is Awkward

epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: Well, This is Awkward

He’s Super xAbsorbant X Corex

fashion fail - Depends

Billboard Location FAIL

epic fail photos - Billboard Location FAIL

Pilot Trajectory FAIL

epic fail photos - Pilot Trajectory FAIL

Ad Timing FAIL

epic fail photos - Ad Timing FAIL

Facebook vs. Real Books

funny facebook fails - Classic: Facebook vs. Real Books

Securing Your Bike FAILs

epic fail photos - Securing Your Bike FAILs


Bike Lock FAIL

Ouch, That Sounds Like A Painful Nap

 - Probably The Most Painful Nap You'll Take

Meanwhile, In Detroit FAIL

epic fail photos - Meanwhile, In Detroit FAIL

Security Tag FAIL

epic fail photos - Security Tag FAIL

Supporting The Artist FAIL

epic fail photos - Supporting The Artist FAIL

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