Top FAILs of the day (17 Pictures)

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Trusting Your Customers FAIL

fail pictures

Okay, Just One Round Of Beer Pong, But Then I’ve Gotta Go To Class

fail pictures

Scaffolding Slogan FAIL

fail pictures


Looking Inside FAIL

fail pictures


Security Clarity FAIL

fail pictures

Shipping Company FAIL

epic fail photos - Shipping Company FAIL

Auto Shop FAIL

epic fail photos - Auto Shop FAIL

That’s What They Call A Heart FAILure

funny facebook fails - Heart FAILure

She Curled Up Into a Ball For Protection

epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: She Curled Up Into a Ball For Protection

llustration Laziness FAIL

epic fail photos - Illustration Laziness FAIL

Parking Enforcement FAILs

epic fail photos - Parking Enforcement FAILs

Parking Enforcement FAIL

Emergency Exit FAIL

epic fail photos - Emergency Exit FAIL

You Sonofa…

epic fail photos - Autocomplete Me: You Sonofa...

Did I Mention Righteous Fury?

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Did I Mention Righteous Fury?

Alternative Holiday FAIL

epic fail photos - Alternative Holiday FAIL

I Call That One ‘The Snack Attack’

dating fails - Spread Ranch Dressing on My Butt, Oooh Yeahhh That's Good

Forgetting Something? FAIL

epic fail photos - Forgetting Something? FAIL

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