Top FAILs of the day (16 Pictures)

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Please Let This Be Satire. Please

fail pictures

Totally Normal Japanese Schoolgirls

fail pictures

It’s LMFAO 24/7

fail pictures

Paying Last Respects FAIL

fail pictures

Everybody Take Cover, the Googly Eyes are Shaking!

fail pictures

No Prescription Needed

fail pictures

Aren’t These Days The Best?

job fails - The sad tale of the Failiest Printer

For People Who Don’t Shoot Blanks

epic fail  - Child Safety FAIL

Date Embargo

funny facebook fails - Date Embargo

Can’t Argue With That

mobile phone texting autocorrect - I Can't Argue With That

I Get a Saxophoner Over the Weirdest Things

dating fails - Bandsexual

I Think He Made a Few Alterations of His Own

fashion fail - I think he made a few alterations of his own

Is That The Politically Correct Term?

epic fail  - Probably Bad News: That's The Politically Correct Term, Right?

Tis The Season To Be Crying, Fa la la la la, la la la la

sketchy santa fails - I Know that Feel, Santa. I Know that Feel.

We Need To Recycle More


A Texas Vegetable Tattoo

Fair Enough

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