Top FAILs of the day (16 Pictures)

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The very best Halloween costume

fail pictures

Eat Safe, Use a Condiment!

engrish funny - They Go Together So Well

What Did You Do To Get Hoff’d?

job fails - Office Prank Friday: The Hoff'd

Lazy Google Employee FAIL

epic fail  - Lazy Google Employee FAIL

If It’s All The Same, I’ll Just Go Home Thanks

I'll Just Head Home, Thanks

Genius, He Is

funny facebook fails - Genius, he is

Stairway To FAIL


Beam Me up Yoda! FAIL

epic fail pictures

50 Cent Special FAIL

epic fail photos - FAIL Nation: 50 Cent Special FAIL

Sweet Hairdo

fashion fail - She Must Have Read "Cupcakes"

Counting Lesson FAIL

epic fail  - Counting Lesson FAIL

WIN: Trogdor, the Burninator Mosaic!

epic win photos - Burninator Mosaic WIN

That’s The ‘Just Make it Go Away, Please…’ Stare

crazy parenting fails - Just Make it Go Away, Please...

Growing Up FAIL

epic fail  - Growing Up FAIL

The Sloshed Sciences



Maybe You Need To Install A Bromance Blocker

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Kiss and Tell

Breaking Up Requires Tact and Consideration
dating fails - Life Is Like This Particular Box of Chocolates

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