Top FAILs of the day (15 Pictures)

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Billboard Juxtaposition FAIL

fail pictures

Sounds Like An Indie Rock Band

fail pictures

Not Haute Couture, Just Hot Dogs

fail pictures

You Can’t Even Put a Harness on Him!

fail pictures

North Korea’s National Costume FAIL

fail pictures

Thanks For the Troubleshooting Suggestion

fail pictures

It’s My Birthday And I’ll Fart If I Want To FAIL

fail pictures

WIN: Finally, a Microsoft Error That Didn’t Make Someone Angry

fail pictures

Hope in the New Generation

fail pictures

In Case of Emergency, Well… Good Luck

white trash repairs - In Case of Emergency, Well... Good Luck

Forgetting To Have Empathy FAIL

epic fail  - Forgetting To Have Empathy FAIL

Just Like The Girl At The Bar You Bought It For


Good Thing He Always Carries Two Pokeballs

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Good Thing He Always Carries Two Pokeballs

I Dub Thee, Sir Brovidere

guidos bros douchebags fratboys - I dub thee, Sir Brovidere

Isosceles What You Did There

dating fails - Math and Jokes

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