Top FAILs of the day (15 Pictures)

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See? You Need the Bat to Break His Legs! Merry Christmas!

fail pictures

Are You a Negligent Parent Who Can’t Even Remember Your Child’s Birthday? Then the iPhone 4S Is the Perfect Phone for You!

fail pictures

So Easy, My Young Monkey Can Use It

fail pictures

What Do You Mean His Face Isn’t A Goal?

fail pictures

Grammar, Your Doing It Wrong

funny facebook fails - Grammar: You're Doing It Wrong

Too Soon! Too Soon!


Does It Count As a Shirt If Most Of You Doesn’t Fit Into It?

fashion fail - Ma'am there's something wrong with your shirt...

So This Is Why My Cat Sleeps All Day?


Taking The Family For A Drive FAIL


Quality Ingredients FAIL

epic fail  - Quality Ingredients FAIL

Delectable FAIL

The High Heels Keep This Classy

fashion fail - Oh San Francisco

I Guess I’ll Put Down This Cheeseburger…

engrish funny - I guess I'll put down this cheeseburger...

WIN: Welcome To The Carbon-Dark Side

epic win photos - Carbon Storm Trooper WIN

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl FAIL


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