Top FAILs of the day (15 Pictures)

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Putting all other mullets to shame

fail pictures

I’d Like to Buy a Cuddle From the Dollar Menu FAIL

fail pictures

Must Be A Really Big Department Store FAIL

fail pictures

Premium Healthcare

fail pictures

Hey, Do You Guys Have Skyrim? FAIL

fail pictures

Only the Fanciest Restaurants Have the Green Lemons

fail pictures

Well When You Put It That Way, Life Seems So Much Simpler

fail pictures

Darkly Drinking Dexter Game

fail pictures

Ummm, Thank You?

epic fail  - Probably Bad News: Ummm, Thank You?

Can’t Tell if Trolling Or FAILing

epic fail  - Can't Tell if Trolling Or FAILing

That’s Going in the Yearbook

dating fails - Framed and Posted

Even Cats And Dogs Fail

Vinegar and Sweat are Not Fruits FAIL

epic fail  - Vinegar and Sweat are Not Fruits FAIL

May or May Not Have Been Talking About the Boyfriend

Learn From My Fail

How Do You Say “No Means No” In Dolphin? FAIL

Troy McClure's Friends GIF - Troy McClure's Friends

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