Top FAILs of the day (15 Pictures)

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Trash-bag skirt for the win

fail pictures

That Almost Sounds Right…

fail pictures

Official Stylist Of Square-Enix FAIL

fail pictures

Can’t Update Your Status With A Wooden Computer FAIL

fail pictures

Something Is Horribly Wrong With Michael Strahan’s Fingers


Being Right and Being Lonely

dating fails - Forever a Winner

You Don’t Get to Learn That Word Until You Watch Cable News, Child

crazy parenting fails - You Don't Get to Learn That Word Until You Watch Cable News, Child

Sorry I Can’t Help Someone That Hates Their Feet That Much

funny facebook fails - Asking for It

Symptoms Include FAIL

epic fail  - Symptoms Include FAIL

Love is Blind Forgetful

Take Your Top Off!

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Take the Top Off

That Can’t Be Comfortable To Work Out In

fashion fail - That can't be comfortable to work out in

Party Fowl At The Henhouse


WIN: Movie Review/Warning

epic win photos - Movie Review WIN

Treating Animals as Equals FAIL

epic fail  - Treating Animals as Equals FAIL

It’s Called Breakdancing For A Reason FAIL


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