Top FAILs of the day (15 Pictures)

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The Return of the Crocheted Shorts

fail pictures

That Baby Will Never Forget

Learn From My Fail

Only God Can Fudge Me

Only God Can Fudge Me

That’s Not Quite the Same as Turning it On and Off Again

job fails - Idiot Solutions for Idiot Problems

I Always Mess That Up

fail pictures

You Need a Degree to Run Those Toasters, Don’t Laugh!

fail pictures

WIN: That’s a Smart Looking Laptop Case

fail pictures

“You Drunk My Battleship!”

fail pictures

One Lesson Follows The Other

dating fails - Drive With Protection

He’ll Make an Excellent Liberal Arts Student in the Future

epic fail photos - Parenting: He’ll Make an Excellent Liberal Arts Student in the Future

FAIL of the Century

epic fail  - Probably Bad News: FAIL of the Century

Never Turn Down a Fist Bump Challenge

guidos bros douchebags fratboys - He Came At You Bro

Not Quite Ready To Save The Day Anymore

The Hero Gotham Definitely Doesn't Deserve

Hong Kong Paper Pays Tribute To Joe Frazier With Picture Of George Foreman

fail pictures

This Is Why I Don’t Workout FAIL

epic fail  - This Is Why I Don't Workout FAIL

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