Top FAILs of the day (15 Pictures)

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Guess Which Browser He Uses

fail pictures

That’s Not As Protective As You Think It Is

fail pictures

World’s Shortest Vacation FAIL

fail pictures

Wrong Way!

fail pictures

But Have You Tried Fixing It With Heroin?

fail pictures

Thank God It’s Chronic Muscle Pain!

fail pictures

Stay Classy, Lemmy

fashion fail - Oh Lemmy

Faith In Yourself FAIL

epic fail  - Faith In Yourself FAIL

Having Kids is No Picnic

funny facebook fails - Why am I suddenly hungry?

Time To Call In A Professional…

white trash repairs - We're Upgrading Our Tubes, It May Take a While

Lions Are a Type of Cat

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Long Live the King

epic win photos - Toy Arrangement WIN

Tech Support, in Their Natural Posture

job fails - Tech Support, in its Natural Posture

Knit Scarves Are Totally Fine, But Knit Leggings?

Rainbow Stripes Are In This Season

Just Make Sure You Tell Your Jokes Farther Away From The Kitchen, And They Won’t Ever Find Out

dating fails - You Know It's True

The Flag of Snowbirds, Eh?

epic fail pictures


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