Top FAILs of the day (15 Pictures)

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Smells Like Roadkill and Cheap Beer

fail pictures

Slide Design FAIL

fail pictures


Class Name FAIL

fail pictures

Children’s Story FAIL

fail pictures

Updating Your Computer FAIL

fail pictures

Well, That Backfired

epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: Well, That Backfired

Outlet Location FAIL

epic fail photos - Outlet Location FAIL

Logic Isn’t Her Anti-Drug

funny facebook fails - Anti-Drug FAIL

Drive Thru FAIL

epic fail photos - Drive Thru FAIL

Designed By Albania’s Space Program

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: Designed By Albania's Space Program

By Now There Should Be An App For Carrying Things Into Mordor, Right?

mobile phone texting autocorrect - The Burden of the One Ring Is Mine

A Mario Party Is SERIOUS Business


Vet Logo FAIL

epic fail photos - Things That Are Doing It: Vet Logo FAIL

Big Brown FAIL

epic fail photos - Big Brown FAIL

Balancing Act FAIL

epic fail photos - Balancing Act FAIL

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