Top FAILs of the day (14 Pictures)

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This Is the Only Time When I’d Much Rather See You Skinny-Dipping

fail pictures

WIN: Joining In and Writing On Paper

fail pictures

My Love Is Semi-Constant and Almost-True

fail pictures

WIN: He Was Perry Convincing…

fail pictures

Hot Like Steven Hawking

fail pictures

School Name Typo FAIL

fail pictures

Kings of the Kitchen!

Nobody Can Know

Aiming High FAIL

epic fail  - Aiming High FAIL

Notes From a Budding Pantsexual

dating fails - A Juvenile Delinquent in the Making

At That Age They Can’t Read What It Says

epic fail photos - Backpack Fail

A Hot Babe for Baby

mobile phone texting autocorrect - A Babe for Baby

What Are The Other 4? FAIL

epic fail  - What Are The Other 4? FAIL

Cameltoe, In a Size 8?

funny facebook fails - Cameltoe

On The Ball FAIL

epic fail  - On The Ball FAIL

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